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Always wanted to give something wild a shot, but didn't know how to bring it up? Let's spice up your relationship! Why not give bedroom dice a roll. They're the perfect way to take your relationship to a crazy new level, and bring a fresh new start to your love life. Even the happiest of couples need a change once in a while, and bedroom dice are the best way to do it. You'll have no idea what's coming at you next, but the excitement will never let you down. This application is perfect even for newer acquaintances, because it'll break down the communication barriers very fast. With dozens of different erotic combination, these dice are loaded with moves guaranteed to bring both you and your partner to ecstacy. Our dice may seem like fair game, but it's actually loaded for you and your partner's pleasure;)

To Play:

--- Shake or Tap Spin to roll the Dice

--- Tap Twice then Roll for Oral pleasures

--- Tap Three Times then Roll for Love

* Available for iPhone and iTouch

* Available for mobile devices with Android OS


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